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The Independent Designers Network (indes.net) is a group of design consultants and mid-sized firms working in graphic and packaging design and their associated fields. Member firms call on the expertise of other members to meet the ever changing needs of their clients from virtual and tangible graphics, to package engineering, freely calling on other members to offer their clients 'one-stop shopping'. In addition to convenience, clients tap into nearly endless creative opportunities.

Indes.net is very active in the promotion of green packaging and eco-friendly design. Rather than take a passive approach to design, member firms offer their clients practical ways of being a good world citizen. Indes.net too, encourages other design professionals to take an active roll and become more environmentally responsible in their design approaches. As a resource for its members as well as the design community at large, indes.net maintains a 'Design Resource' page full of useful design links.

Member Services Include:

Graphic Design, Packaging Graphics, Packaging Design, Package Engineering, Graphic Art Production, Illustration, Photography, Web Design, Translation and Multilingual Packaging, International Product Placement, and Sustainability Consulting and Training.

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